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We provide a hands-on service, helping UK companies to take advantage of the huge benefits from doing business in China.

With the Chinese economy still growing at a rate of some 7.5% per year, and the Chinese government actively encouraging consumer spending, any company with ambitions to grow should not ignore the Chinese market. There is an ambitious and increasingly affluent middle class of some 250 million and some 30,000 new millionaires each year*, so the opportunities are vast and growing.

The Chinese government is also encouraging foreign investment by tightening up intellectual property legislation and its implementation.

As we know, China is not an easy market to enter alone – which is why specialist help is needed.  

Our strength is that we have a wide range of associates, experienced in the following fields and led by Chinese nationals.

Marketing into China.

Market research

Linguistic experts for Chinese naming

Logo design

Branding experts

Website design


Software development for the UK and Chinese markets

Localisation into Simplified and Traditional Chinese

My team of associates are led by Chinese nationals, well attuned to the rapidly developing Chinese economic scene. There are 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, plus Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, resulting in a wide diversity of social, cultural and legal challenges.  If you are serious about launching your product into China, don’t try and do it alone, we have the expertise to help.

Contact us or give us a call on 01962 779894 to discuss your idea and see how we can help you to take your business to a new level. 

*The Huron report published 14 August 2013.

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